When should I involve you in the process?

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While getting StunningUIs involved styling your products at the beginning of R&D may seeem like a good idea in all instances, it may be a waste of your money and my time. Your software enginneers have a lot to do before their code requires high level styling. We suggest that your coders continue on, unbothered by much styling, throughout the alpha stage processes. This insures that styling does not get in the way of a bug-free, well functioning suite if software.
Our services should be used in just two stages:

Stage 1: The Style Bible

This is especially important when you have more than one coder working on your software, or are experiencing a high turnover rate. While software engineers are not expected to do high styling, they should be aware of:

  • The basic color schemes you want
  • The font types you want
  • Specific elements that need to be on every page

StunningUIs will meet with all appropriate people in your organization and help to settle on a set of colors and fonts that should be used company-wide, both in software, letterheads, etc.

Stage 2: Making it look great AND be easy to use

Now we dig down into the styling of your software suite. We not only want to adhere to the style bible's standards, but we want to make sure the workflow is as easy on users' fingers as it is on their eyes.

Stage 3: Responding to feedback

Not every company is capable of holding focus groups, but your beta testers need to give us feedback and we need to listen.
I wish I could say that there is a strict, finite number of rules in styling, but there is none. Every piece of software, and every web page, has unique properites that need to be addressed, and your beta tester(s) should be doing more than just trying to break the software.